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Monday, November 19, 2018

UEFA Nations League: Who has qualified, who has been relegated and what comes next?

In one of the most thrilling fashions, Gareth Southgate’s England clinched a spot in the UEFA Nations League by defeating Croatia 2-1 on Sunday. The Three Lions saw themselves going down 1-0 with Andrej Kramaric opening the scoring for his side in the 57th minute of the match. But two late goals from Marcus Rashford and skipper Harry Kane sealed the victory for England, booking them a spot in the UEFA Nations League final set to be placed next year.
In another thrilling win, Switzerland came back from a two-goal deficit to stun Belgium 5-2 and finish at top of their group. The World No. 7 team booked themselves a spot in the final along with Portugal and England. Now with two more days of the competition left in the group stages, 19 of 28 group winners, promotion and relegation have been decided.
First and foremost, in case you are unaware of the structure of the UEFA Nations League, read the following article first:
With the Nations League group stage coming to an end on Tuesday, here is a look at how are things standing at the moment in the tournament.
What has been decided so far?
League A
Booked place in June 2019 finals: Portugal, England, Switzerland
Relegated to League B: Germany, Iceland, Poland, Croatia
League B
Promoted to League A: Ukraine, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Relegated to League C: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Turkey
League C
Promoted to League B: Finland
Relegated to League D: Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia
League D
Promoted to League C: Georgia, Belarus
Which teams have booked a spot in Euro 2020 qualifiers?
So, according to the rules of the UEFA Nations League, the winners of all 16 groups will qualify for a place in the Euro 2020 playoffs. In case, these teams make it through to the Euro 2020 finals via the regular qualifiers next year, the next best team in their league will take the play-off place for them. After the Euro qualifiers, 20 finalists in the competition will be decided while the remaining 4 will be decided via the play-offs, in which the qualifiers from each tier will face off against each other in March 2020.
Here are the teams who have booked a Euro 2020 playoff spot:
League A
Booked Euro 2020 playoffs: Portugal, England, Switzerland
League B
Booked Euro 2020 playoff spot: Ukraine, Denmark, Bosnia-Herzegovina
League C
Booked Euro 2020 playoff spot: Finland
League D
Booked Euro 2020 playoff spot: Georgia, Belarus
When will UEFA Nations League Final take place?
The four nations who will win each group in the top league will advance to a knockout finals in June 2019 to decide the Nations League winner. Three of the four teams have been decided, – England, Portugal and Switzerland. The fourth team will be decided on Monday night, when relegated Germany take on the Netherlands. If the Dutch win or draw, then they will be the 4th team to enter the fray. If they lose, then the World Champions France will be the 4th team to reach the final.