Keisuke Honda appears to be changing more than just what the A-League can expect from a marquee, but what it can expect from it's own homegrown talent.
When questioned about Honda's influence on the club, and his recent observation that young Australian footballers don't work hard enough on improving themselves outside of training, Muscat was quick to concur, saying his star man "drags people along with him."
"Honda's obviously got very high standards," he said.
"There's been a lot of talk about the opportunities for the younger generation, and I concur with him that he doesn't wait around for anyone else to help him. 
Muscat's sentiment comes in light of the upcoming announcement of two new expansion clubs, originally planned for December 12.
A large portion of the blame for the Socceroos' inability to form another golden generation lies has been laid at the lack of professional opportunities for young Australian footballers in their own backyard.
However Muscat believes that it's not that simple. 
"We're at a generation of waiting around for people to help us," Muscat continued.
"It's been great because he's a lot of help with the younger players, he drags people along with him."
Last weekend's demolition of Western Sydney Wanderers featured a slew of younger players for Victory either in defensive positions or on the bench, in a performance many pundits described as the standout of the season.
Muscat was quick to assure it was onwards and upwards from here, with his star man in tow.
"We're pretty proud of the way we recruit players and people, so I was well aware of what we were going to get (with Honda)," he continued.
"We've worked on reproducing a performance against a different opponent, one thing that stays contact is we rely on what we do.
"It's been nice to train in some heat, be able to test the players in those conditions. There's no love lost between the two clubs, so the concentration has been on getting better.
"We've been building and we'll continue to build."