The Western Melbourne Group's bid aims to be the first A-League club to build and own their own stadium if they are included in the next round of expansion.
The bid is fronted by Australian super agent Lou Sticca, who was behind many of the A-League highest profile signings, including Alessandro del Piero to Sydney FC.
However the other backers to the project are defiantly remaining in the shadows. Their identities have been included in the official bid documents filed to the FFA, but have not been made public.
"They're successful businessmen," said a bid insider. "They only want to be associated with success. If the bid wins, their identities will be made public.
"But no-one wants to be associated with something unsuccessful."
Based in Wyndham, just over 20 minutes from the West Gate Bridge, the bid hopes to attract crowds from large tracts of the western side of Melbourne.
The self-built stadium with a capacity of around 15,000 is a key part of their bid and unique among the clubs hoping to join the A-League, with the exception of South Melbourne FC which already has its own stadium.
But doubts have been expressed about the feasibility of the bid getting a stadium built quickly enough.
A letter from the key partners in the project - which includes Populous, who have designed and built some of the biggest stadiums in the world, including Spurs' new stadium in London - confirms the timeline.
Signed by representatives of Populous as well as construction consultants aurecon and ProBuild, the three key partners vow it will be complete within three years of the bid getting the okay from the FFA. 
The letter is dated in August and pre-dates the recent delays to the decision-making process caused by the FFA governance issue and boardroom coup which pushed the final decision back to next week.
It promises to fast-track work on the project as soon as it's approved by the FFA.
It adds: "Currently the team is continuing to work together to ensure that once an A-League licence has been granted in October of this year, that we will be in a position to in fact “fast-track” the Construction Documentation phase to enable construction to commence upon granting of key permits such as Town Planning and other authority approvals from mid to the latter part of 2019.
"Given these parameters and coupled with an anticipated construction period of no greater than 21 months from the date of construction commencement, we would anticipate to have the stadium operational to enable the first match to be played in October 2021."
It's signed by top executives with each of the companies involved in the project.
Western Melbourne Group refused to discuss the leak, but on a recent Facebook post they insisted: "We will build it, we will own it, and football, for the first time will be in total control of a Hyundai A-League & Westfield W-League Stadium!"