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Friday, January 4, 2019

Ben Cousins’ ex-partner Maylea Tinecheff keeps licence after drug-driving with kids in car

The State Government is ‘disappointed’ Ben Cousins’ former partner has kept her licence, despite admitting to drug-driving with her kids in the car.
Police and Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said the government would review cases in which drivers found with drugs in their system were able to keep their licences.
“It is something we will give consideration to as part of our overall penalty review that we will be doing this year,” she said.
Maylea Tinecheff tested positive for meth when police pulled her over on Ranford Road in Canning Vale about 4pm on August 24.
It had previously been reported her and Cousins’ children were in the car at the time.
After three adjournments, Tinecheff today pleaded guilty in the Armadale Magistrate’s Court to driving with an illicit substance in her oral fluid or blood and no authority to drive.
The court was told Tinecheff tested positive in the roadside test to having meth in her oral fluid, and was driving a manual car when she only had authority to drive an automatic vehicle.
Tinecheff requested a spent conviction, saying she had four children and a criminal record could affect her employment in the future.
But Magistrate Steven Malley said the offences were driving matters, not criminal matters, and that the only way an employer would find out about the offences was if they requested her traffic record.
Mr Malley said “all of us are vulnerable to traffic (matters) whether magistrate, police officer or a member of the community”.
He fined Tinecheff $450 for the drug-driving offence, and ordered her to pay $205.30 in costs and $185 in analysis fees.
For driving without the correct licence, Tinecheff was fined $150.
Mr Malley said the legislation did not require him to impose a licence disqualification.
Ms Tinecheff was stopped by police two days after Cousins was arrested at her house for allegedly stalking her, repeatedly breaching a violence restraining order and making threats.
Police allegedly found a bag containing 13g of methamphetamine when they strip searched the former footballer after his arrest.
Cousins is in Hakea Prison on remand and is due in court later this month.
Ms Roberts said people who were drug users should not drive.
“Don’t do it for yourself, don’t do it for your children and for other people on the road,” she said.
“We have significantly increased our drug testing and police are better equipped than ever before to test people for drugs.”