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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Kane Cornes takes aim at Patrick Dangerfield over Ollie Wines waterskiing injury

Port Adelaide legend Kane Cornes has doubled down on his criticism of Ollie Wines, accusing Patrick Dangerfield of being “high and mighty” after coming to the injured Power star’s defence.
Wines is in doubt to be fit for the start of the AFL season after dislocating his shoulder while waterskiing last week.
Though the midfielder had his club’s permission to undertake the activity, Cornes was earlier this week critical of his decision to put his body at risk so close to the start of the season - comments that were rebuffed by Geelong ace Dangerfield yesterday.
“It’s ironic given some of the people that have criticised Ollie. I’d love to see what their extra-curricular activities were like when they were playing,” Dangerfield said on Seven.
“You’ve still got to be able to have fun, go out, and do the things we love doing.”
But Cornes fired back this morning, arguing the lofty salaries on offer in the high-stakes competition meant some things had to be sacrificed.
“You name me a sport where the average wage is $370,000, you get 14 weeks off per year, you get one and a half days off per week,” Cornes said on SEN SA Breakfast.
“You name me a sport where you get those conditions and then, ‘Well, to get that, all we ask is you don’t get on a motorbike, you don’t go mountain bike riding, you don’t get behind the boat, particularly in January, you don’t go snow skiing. Those are the conditions.’
“I reckon 95 to 99 per cent of the population would do that.”
Cornes accused Dangerfield of being “high and mighty” with his comments.
“For him to say everyone being critical of it is boring, maybe that’s because we want to win a flag,” Cornes said.
“How many flags has Dangerfield won? None. How many has Ollie Wines won? None.
“I’m going to tell you, if you would give up that for the chance to win a flag, then you would do it.”