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Monday, January 14, 2019

West Coast forward Jack Darling is still uncomfortable watching the ‘intense’ grand final replay

Jack Darling admits he still doesn’t like watching the replay of West Coast’s grand final victory – and even asked for it to be switched off on Christmas Day.
The star forward says he is having a fruitful but short pre-season so far in which he has posted better results in the 2km time trial and skinfolds than he did 12 months earlier.
The 26-year-old is expecting the arrival of his second child any day.
And while the Eagles emerged triumphant in a tight grand final back in September, Darling still doesn’t feel comfortable watching the replay.
“It was a pretty intense game. It sort of didn’t really feel like our day,” he said. “I felt like we’d kick one and then they’d kick one or two and their start was obviously great. I feel like it was a great game to be a part of.
“I get nervous if I watch it again. I don’t really like it, I get that nervous feeling. On Christmas Day the brother-in-laws were trying to watch it and I told them to turn it off just because I wanted to enjoy the day. I get a bit nervous still. It is just such a close game you still feel nervous.”
Darling’s dropped mark close to goal in the dying stages of the match could have become infamous but wasn’t costly in the end.
“I dropped the mark,” he said. “I turned around to see if I could play on and kick the goal so I just turned my head a bit too early and that caused me to fumble the ball so a bit of a mistake and I was glad it didn’t cost us.
“Once that siren went it was one of the best feelings.”
The Eagles hit the track at Lathlain Park this morning, with Darling confident Josh Kennedy will be alongside him come round one after off-season shoulder surgery.