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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Duff and Quarters podcast: Are former coaches judging Nat Fyfe’s defensive game for Fremantle Dockers too harshly?

Nat Fyfe has come under attack in the opening rounds for a perceived lack of defensive work but perhaps experts are being judging him too harshly.
Fyfe got a clip from Paul Roos on Monday night, saying he doesn’t run enough the other way.
It’s the second time in as many weeks that the Fremantle skipper has come under fire for that aspect of his game, after Mick Malthouse also criticised him.
The Sunday Times sports editor Glen Quartermain, during the latest edition of the Duff and Quarterspodcast, said it was possible to mount that argument, given Jack Martin got plenty of the football against the Dockers.
But Bridget Lacy, football scribe for The West Australian and filling in for Mark Duffield on the podcast, said critics needed to careful.
“He’s probably not alone, we know Dustin Martin hasn’t laid a tackle in two weeks of football,” Lacy said.
“The great midfielders often aren’t as great running the other way.
“But he was the only Fremantle player who got any coaches votes at the weekend.
“Harking back to his Brownlow speech, he paid tribute to Nick Suban because part of Nick Suban’s job was to block for Nat Fyfe and do a defensive job for him.
“Are you prepared to sacrifice that for everything he does the other way?”
Ross Lyon came to the defence of his midfield star on 7NEWS on Tuesday night, saying it was ‘easy to leverage a headline’ off Fyfe.
Lyon, who was an assistant coach under Roos at Sydney, said his former colleague’s opinion reflected the defensive game style he used to employ.